This class is gonna be epic.  I have been plotting to do this class for a few years and now it will come true!  The plan is to meet up at a spot on the Tart Trail(Leelanau trail), and ride and forage.  The Leelanau trail is an endless munch fest in the fall/end of summer.  

What you need: Your body, a half decent bike, a harvesting vessel like a backpack, and a strong set of legs.  

This is a different beast from the usual walk-through-the-woods-show-you-plants beast.  This class I will go over the basics of foraging on the go.  How to spot stuff while on the move, what to do with said stuff, and more importantly why you should make this a regular part of your summer activities list.  

This class is for people that are ok with sweating and exerting their leg muscles.  

Cost is $25, or $20 for Oryana members.  Kids 13 and under are always free, but with this class there is a requirement, they cannot slow the progress of the class.  We will not be going at breakneck speed, in fact we will probably go at a rather gentle pace, but kids must be able to keep up.  

I hope to see Y'all there!  

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