2017 is going to be a real good year, I can smell it on the wind!  Get on your boots and dust off your notebooks!  We are off into the woods and wetlands of the glorious Grand Traverse Commons.  

The spring offers a very welcome respite from the winters lack of good foraging opportunities.  And even though the weather may still in fact be crappy, there is still plenty to get out and taste.  This is a foraging basics class, we will go over equipment, what to look for, how to ID spring favorites, and why spring is such an amazing time for foraging.  

This first class of the year will be taking place at the end of April, when the weather is very unpredictable, so as always bring a set of clothing and footwear that matches the weather we are experiencing that day.  

Children 13 and under are always free, and encouraged as long as they can keep up.

Pre register-25/ no pre-registration/35

Go here to pre register!