foraging guide(like a hunting guide but not for critters)

Have you taken a plant I.D. class once or twice and you caught the foraging bug?  Do you want to condense down your learning and foraging into intense day trips where you actually forage and don't just take notes? Then this new service is for you.  Starting in May of 2017 I will be offering everyone an opportunity to get hands on, one on one experience in the field.  These can be as little as one day and up to as many as three full days of camping and foraging.  Reservations must be made in advance and all dates are not available.  



One Day trip:  We meet up in the morning and spend the day, yes the entire day, foraging and prepping.  You go home with all of the goodies we can legally get for you.  175.00

Two Day trip:

 We meet up in the morning and spend the day, yes the entire day, foraging and prepping.  We set up camp(or say goodbye and meet again in the morning) and bunker down for a good night of peaceful sleep in the great outdoors. We continue our journey in the morning and spend day two going into more details about plants, and get into greater detail in food prep and cooking.  300.00

Three Day trip:  King sized foraging expedition.  This is not for the faint of heart.  This trip is an intense immersion into the world of foraging, wildcrafting, and general botany.  You will leave leave with your brain thoroughly bludgeoned with plant knowledge.  Same as description above only one more day and you will be getting yet more food to take home with you and yet more know-how to assist you in future plant and mushroom hunts.  400.00

Your food and beverages will be taken care of by me, unless you are particular about what foods you eat.   And you will go home with a good amount of what can be legally taken from the land.  This depends largely upon the time of year.  If you are more interested in harvesting mushrooms pick a fall date.  Berries?  Summer.  I will bring a Yeti cooler to keep your food as fresh as the minute you picked it, and you are guaranteed to learn a lot more than you would on a typical Plant ID class.  There are things you learn from being out actually foraging that you can never learn in a 3-4 hour plant class.  These one on one experiences are far more efficient at teaching you the things you need to learn.

Locations will be chosen based on criteria of what is available to harvest at the time of the trip.  Some driving may be required. 

Any and all questions will be welcomed warmly at