Create your own Elm Bark Berry Basket With David Flaugher


Create your own Elm Bark Berry Basket With David Flaugher


Join David Flaugher and I for our second year teaching this class! Elm Trees are an indigenous tree that have been historically used to make baskets and containers of all shapes and sizes. During the course of the class you will learn basic ecology of Elm trees, how and when to peel the bark to keep the tree alive, how to use other natural products to put your basket together, and finally how to create a basket that can last you many years of foraging.

This skill is a skill that can last you a lifetime once you learn how. And it will leave you with a desire to do away with all of the plastic containers in your life!

WHO: David Flaugher and Clay Bowers: Instructors.

WHAT: A how to class on creating your own bark berry basket.

WHERE: Silver Lake Recreation Area 1785 N. East Silver Lake Rd. Traverse City, MI 49685

WHEN: Saturday July 13th 2019 from 10:00am-2:00pm

WHY: Because we can make containers from natural materials in a sustainable fashion that causes no harm to the earth, our health, or the health of others. And you’ll feel awesome toting your own handmade bark basket.

All Cancellations have a 25% processing fee. If not cancelled 5 days before the date of event no refund will be given as there are materials that need to be harvested in the preparation for this class. Dress appropriately for this class and bring some food and drinks. July is typically a hot month.


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