Will Forage For Food:  Southern Michigan (Somi?) Forager extraordinaire Rachel Mifsud is the head honcho of this website.  She is a plant teaching machine.  So many yearly classes that it boggles my mind how she does anything else!!! Check her out if you are in her neck of the woods.  www.willforageforfood.com

Eat Here Now:  Mark Angelini is a southeast Michigan based plant guy extraordinaire.  This fella not only can help you learn your wild edibles, but he can school you on every aspect of permaculture while carving you a freakin' sweet spoon from wood he harvested himself.  I highly recommend that you go to both of his websites.

www.eatherenow.org for foraging classes. 

www.markangelini.com for his woodworking stuff. 

Female and Fungi:  Mara Penfil is the genius behind this groovy website dedicated to all things mushroomy.  Mara and I have been friends for a few years now and I can assure you that if anyone truly embodies knowledge about mushrooms it is her.  Please support her work at www.femaleandfungi.com


The Human Nature School:  These guys are the local(Traverse City area) heroes of primitive skills.  Cordage making? Check.  Tracking? Check.  Fire making? Check.  I am very proud to have witnessed this group go from their tiny beginning to what it has become today, and booming and bustling educational bomb in the minds of youngsters and oldsters(is that a word?).  Please, if you are in the TC area I implore you to go to one of their amazing classes!  www.humannatureschool.org