So here we go folks, this is the current schedule of classes that I will be offering this year!

May 28th/Foraging walk, Grand Traverse Commons

June 25th/ Foraging walk, Location TBD

July 23rd/ Foraging walk, Location TBD

August 20th/Foraging walk, Location TBD

September 24th/Foraging Walk, Location TBD

October 15th, Foraging Walk, Location TBD

November 5th, Black Walnut Processing, Location TBD

I can guarantee that there will be additions to this schedule, Willow Basketry classes perhaps?  Rope making using wild plants?  Who knows!??  Do join me and learn how to wildcraft ingredients for your dinners!  

Prices will be listed on Events tab.  And I can now accept prepayment online!