So with my first plant class coming up this weekend, and a weather outlook that is not looking so encouraging, I need to clarify what I mean by bad weather.  I WILL still do the class if it is sprinkling and or raining lightly on and off.  I WILL NOT do the class if it is thunderstorming and or raining very hard.  That all being said, if Saturday does not work, the rain date is set for the following day, Sunday at the same time.  Now at the current moment the forecast is calling for thunderstorms on both Saturday AND Sunday. If this does happen, then I will have no choice but to relocate the class to the following weekend, Saturday June 4th.  Knowing the weather up here though, I find it hard to believe that it would actually thunderstorm two days in a row.  


We shall See.  I will call Oryana with an update on Saturday morning.